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You can find your IP address or that of a website in several ways. You can use the "plotter" or the "ping" command to search for an IP address. However, knowing the IP address of a website will not give you any additional information.

If you would like detailed information about a domain's IP, go to in your search browser and look for the "Domain to IP" icon, or copy / paste in the address bar of your search browser. The domain to the IP tool will be displayed. Enter the domain name for which you want to obtain the IP address and press "Submit". The application will display the domain name, IP address, country and ISP.

In addition to displaying the IP address, it shows you in which country is the IP address and name of the web hosting service provider that hosts the domain you searched for.

This information can be very useful to see who is the current service provider of your domain. You may have purchased the web hosting service provider located in your region or country. However, the ISP may be a reseller of another web hosting service provider. You may be a Singapore based company, but your website may be hosted in Australia.

The majority of web hosting service providers are located in the United States. The reason is that they can provide cheap hosting services and that their level of service is one of the best in the world. In addition, their facilities are huge and very well managed.