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Our Backlink Maker tool generates natural and high quality back links for your website. Simply enter your website and start generating backlinks by pressing the "Create Backlinks" button.

It is unlikely that you will rank without high quality backlinks, as this factor remains one of the most important factors, and Google confirms it.
There was a time when SEO was not concerned about the quality of the links pointing to their web pages. It was a quantity game on quality. What really mattered was to create free backlinks and as many sites as possible. Quality was not really part of the game at the time. However, since 2012, after the Google update of the Penguin update, the rules of SEO have changed, as has the creation of links. Penguin's goal was to remove websites containing poor quality and unsolicited links.

At Search Engine Reports, we understand the importance of creating quality backlinks while complying with Google's guidelines. That's why we developed a Free Backlink Generator tool that will allow you to create free backlinks because it can be an excellent source of organic traffic.