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What is Domain Age Finder SEO tool

Domain age finder is an interactive SEO tool which allows the users to find the age of any domain interms of years months and days. With this tool we will come to know that how long any particular domain is running on the web and what is its age. If you want to know the age of any website or domain then just enter the name of the domain inside the above text box and this tool will immediately return you the age of that domain.


URL Structure

The URL structure of your site can be important both from a tracking perspective (you can more easily segment the data into reports using a logical and segmented URL structure) and from the point of view. Shareable URLs (shorter descriptive URLs are easier to copy and paste and tend to be cut by mistake less frequently). Again: do not work to create as many keywords as possible; create a short descriptive URL

Also: if you do not have to, do not change your URLs. Even if your URLs are not "pretty", if you feel they do not have a negative impact on users and your business in general, do not change them so that they are more focused on the keywords for "better SEO". If you need to change the structure of your URL, be sure to use the appropriate type of redirect (301 permanent). This is a common mistake that companies make when redesigning their websites.

Finally, once you have accepted all the standard elements of the page, you can go further and help more Google (and other search engines, which also recognize the scheme) to understand your page.

Schema marking does not make your page more visible in search results (it is not yet a classification factor). This gives your ad "additional real estate" in the search results, as do the ad extensions for your Google ad ads (formerly AdWords).

In some search results, if no one is using a scheme, you can get a significant advantage of click through rate because your site shows items such as ratings, while others do not. In other search results, where everyone uses a schema, criticisms can be a "table problem" and could damage your Google CTR by skipping them:

You can include different types of tags on your site. Most of the time, this probably does not apply to your business, but it is likely that at least one form of tag will be applied to at least some pages of your site.